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If you don't know exactly how you operate, how will you optimize your greatest strengths for massive success?

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See why so many entrepreneurs are RAVING about their Strengths Intensive session:

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The REAL reason you can't actually grow your business until your discover and monetize your strengths

Think about an entrepreneur that you look up to. Most likely, you admire them because they have already obtained your biggest goals. Maybe it's the kick ass team, huge audience, sold out program/product, or the impact they are having.

Something you may know but haven't put enough thought into is that they also KNOW THEMSELVES, inside and out.

They use their strengths where they can and hand off the rest to their team! I mean, can you show me ANY Thought Leader today who doesn't talk about knowing your strengths and weaknesses?  ...that hasn't delegated their weaknesses to teammates who exceed in those areas?  


You Can't!


So, the real question is: is it just a coincidence that all Thought Leaders have that in common?!


NO! In fact, it's knowing their natural strengths and optimizing them in the right way that allowed each of them to become the successful leaders that they are today, and it can do the same for you!

Which of these statements plays over in your head on a weekly basis?

  • I'm not sure what to delegate to my team and what tasks I should continue on my own

  • I work differently from my peers, is something wrong with me?

  • How do I communicate with my team (and/or family) in a way that will really get through to them in a positive, progressive way?

  •  I'm unsure if I should stay on a more logical or creative side of my business.

There may be a way that you can feel more confident as you’re running toward those big goals in your business…

The key is defining success and then knowing, understanding, and leveraging your strengths in order to work on the parts of your biz that come naturally.

That’s where you’re going to light up & feel alive — and then you’re lit up, the whole dang room is lit up!

Luckily, strengths Intensives are back for a limited time this summer!


Walk away knowing your natural strengths, how to apply them in business + daily life, and armed with the knowledge you need to make meaningful progress on your most important goal.

Why work with Sara Mae?
I was there. I get it.

I was at a point in my life & career where I was hitting the right numbers, held the right positions, had the right title, made the right paycheck, checked all the right boxes… and I was freaking miserable. With more than 15 years of leadership experience, I know growing your business can be hard. You don’t need another coach who is there to inspire you to “do more, be more, have more” -- you need actual step-by-step tangibles on HOW to do it from someone who has been in your shoes. That’s the exact take no crap approach you get with me. You’ve already got the tools to make change in your life, you just need help figuring out how to make it last.

What is the cost of NOT taking action?

Come the New Year do you really still want to be wondering why you’re stuck with the same rank, working endless hours to motivate a team that only shows up when it’s convenient? Or do you want to have both the ease of income AND the time with your family you deserve?

You decide.

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Leadership is more than telling people what to do. Grow a team who would move mountains for you by knowing yourself, your vision, and the people you are leading.

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