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This is for women ready to grow their Network Marketing Business to the next level...

  • You’ve worked your butt off to build a successful business, but you’re still not where you wanted to be by now.

  • You’re unsure how to motivate and support your team beyond their limiting beliefs and you’re starting to wonder if you’re attracting the wrong people.

  • With every milestone you reach that you thought would be the ultimate sign of success... you find yourself wondering, “is this sustainable? Will I be able to keep up this level of effort?”


  • You started your biz for more time and less stress but you find yourself sneaking in work during family time and stressed to the max at the end of every month.

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Why do you need this program?

You’re ready to LEAD well and in a way that feels good to YOU.

You’re ready to throw out the imaginary rule book and crush your financial goals so you have time & energy for what matters most.

You are ready to step into your own leadership style and stop feeling like you have to be an exact copy of your upline – it’s yoga pants, graphic t’s and red lipstick for me.

You have what it takes! You just need the framework that uncovers YOUR unique strengths so you can build the business & team of your dreams.

What is it?

This is a fluff-free approach to personal development. The actual steps to becoming the leader your team will want to follow all the way to the top.

Inside The Aligned Leader Project, I will teach you, first and foremost, how to lead yourself -- when you master this you’ll become a magnet for the right people to follow and THAT is when the FUN begins!

Other pieces of the leadership framework that we cover include:

  • Cultivating leading habits & leadership 101 – how YOU define leadership

  • Understanding your vision based on your values and identifying the steps to make it reality

  • Finally knowing how to motivate your team in a way that drives performance

  • How to duplicate (not copy/paste!) yourself to grow your team’s success

With this program you will make actual, PURPOSEFUL changes so you can FINALLY grow your business and get the results you KNOW you are capable of and READY for!

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What do you get?

6 week group program
  • Weekly 60 min lessons on topics outlined in the Aligned Leader framework

  • Weekly “Put It Into Practice” calls to hold you accountable for implementing what you learn

  • Lesson workbook and digital resources for more in-depth learning - with new Leading Yourself prompts

  • Bonus lesson with a surprise guest speaker

  • Lifetime access to all recordings

  • Voxer support in between calls -- actual accountability!

  • 101 Ways to Motivate Your Team printable resource ($25 value)

DECISION BONUS: Make your decision by 11:59PM CST on June 13th and get your Leadership Strengths Intensive for FREE! Uncover your natural strengths and learn how to make the most of them in your life & business ($650 value)

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Forever access to the “Building Your Personal Brand” workshop, coming this summer ($95 value)

EXTENDED PAYMENT PLAN: Decide by 11:59PM CST on June 27th to become an aligned leader and extend your payment plan to three months, instead of two.

Why work with Sara Mae?
I was there. I get it.

I was at a point in my life & career where I was hitting the right numbers, held the right positions, had the right title, made the right paycheck, checked all the right boxes… and I was freaking miserable. With more than 15 years of leadership experience, I know growing your business can be hard. You don’t need another coach who is there to inspire you to “do more, be more, have more” -- you need actual step-by-step tangibles on HOW to do it from someone who has been in your shoes. That’s the exact take no crap approach you get with me. You’ve already got the tools to make change in your life, you just need help figuring out how to make it last.

What is the cost of NOT taking action?

Come this summer do you really still want to be wondering why you’re stuck with the same rank, working endless hours to motivate a team that only shows up when it’s convenient? Or do you want to have both the ease of income AND the time with your family you deserve?

You decide.

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Leadership is more than telling people what to do. Grow a team who would move mountains for you by knowing yourself, your vision, and the people you are leading.

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